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Philadelphia Space Saving Furniture

Stylish Furniture to Transform Your Philadelphia Home

The interior of your home is where you really have a chance to shine. The exterior contributes to curb appeal, but it ultimately amounts to the cover on the book. You can’t use it to judge what’s inside. When your guests enter, you have an opportunity to either wow them or disappoint them.

You can only do so much with paint and floor coverings. To create truly exemplary decor, you also need the right furniture pieces. That’s where Expand Furniture can help.

Our catalog includes a wide selection of Philadelphia space saving and expanding furniture. Not only do these pieces help you to maximize the space in your home, they also create beautiful and unique decor that will impress your guests and make your home inviting for you and your family.

Philadelphia Space Saving Chairs

Some of our most popular pieces are our folding space saving chairs. You’ll think these pieces came right out of an artist’s studio. The modular chairs are sleek and gorgeous, but they hold an even bigger surprise. You can pull the chair apart to create an expanding bench. Once you extend the chair all the way, it can seat up to 12 people. You can also manipulate the chair to create different shapes or wavy lines. Each chair is a unique conversation piece.

If you want more temporary seating solutions for unexpected guests or events, such as impromptu dinner parties, our simple folding chairs are an ideal choice. They are made of sturdy steel and genuine wood, giving them a beautiful design while also providing a strong and comfortable seat. When they are not in use, they fold flat so they can be stored in a closet or even under a bed.

Slide your expanding chair right under one of our Philadelphia transforming tables. When the chair and the table are in their smallest form for one, they create the perfect study space. When both are expanded, they create a beautiful setting for a formal dinner party. Not only do you get a stunning table, but you also get flexibility that allows you to transform any room to your needs at a moment’s notice.

Our revolving italian wall bed can help transform your Philadelphia home!

Italian Wall Bed

With Revolving Bookcase

Philadelphia Space Saving Beds

Wall beds can transform a bedroom into an office space or a living room into a bedroom. These luxury beds fold against the wall to reveal other furniture, such as a comfortable sectional or even a sturdy desk for an instant study space. With a rotating Italian wall bed, the mattress turn to reveal shelving for your home office library.

The right furniture can change the entire look of a room. Instead of hiring a contractor to remodel, you can invest in DIY loft bed kits to create new structure for your room.

Turn a simple guest room into a stylish loft that has room for the occasional guest as well as your home office. Turn a corner of your rec room into a study space atop an entertaining area with a sofa and a video game setup. With the DIY loft bed kits, you can customize the look and the function.

Whatever option you choose, you can be sure that you’ll get the highest-quality materials and construction, and you’ll find some of the most competitive pricing in the market.

Learn how easy it is to transform your Philadelphia home with just a change in furniture. Expand Furniture has an extensive selection of contemporary furniture that will create a modern, sophisticated look for your home. You will impress any guest, and you’ll love coming home to your new space.

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